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I hope that you can use this to benefit others. Please let me know. I am about to turn 16, by the way. I started using meth at fourteen. The first time I tried it I knew it was over. Everything honestly went good at first. When I turned 15, I left my home. I bounced from house to house for a short amount of time. During this time, I was heavy into meth. My dealer became my boyfriend. He suggested I should have sex with other men for money so that we could afford the drugs. I said no, but he let me know that I had no choice. The first time was the worst, but then I thought that it was worth it. I was raped seven times while I was using. I would have sex with at least 5 men a day. I lost a lot of weight, and I would stay up for 2 weeks straight before crashing. I remember itching at bugs that weren't real under my skin for hours. I remember passing out on a cold bathroom floor covered in my own puke and urine. I remember stealing and lying to everyone I loved. I remember the day I tried meth as the day that I died. After a few months, I had no where else to live. Everything I had ever worked for was gone. My soul was shattered and placed at the right hand of meth. I thought meth could take care of me. I thought my family would never catch on. I thought my sister would never leave me. I thought my boyfriend loved me. I thought I was still alive. Soon, I had no where else to live. I finally was forced into treatment. I got out a month ago, and on November 1, I will be four months sober. Thank you for this campaign. I truly hope this can change lives.

I am from Blount County and at the young age of 17 I got involved with meth. At the time I had no idea how it would really effect my life. I wasn't very familiar with the drug I really just got to hanging with the wrong people where meth was available and out of curiosity, I decided to try it. And after one hit I was stuck and from that point on I had to have it and would do anything to get it. The sleepless nights, the constant picking at my skin, and the days without food were beginning to catch up to me and the effects were showing. Luckily my parents somehow found out and got me away from the problem. However, it did rip my family apart and cause me to lose many friends. Now that I am a little but older, I am 19 now, I look back and see everything that I did wrong and the problems I caused. I would love to try to reach out to young people and inform them of this awful thing I knew as "crank". Because I would hate for another family to go through what I put my family through.

I was addicted to meth for about 6 years. I lost my kids, my house, my car, and my self worth. This stuff is nothing to play with. It was the first thing I thought abt when I woke up in the morning (when I did get sleep) and the last thing that I thought when I laid my head down at night. I would go to work and do it in the bathroom, I would do it driving down the road with my kids in the back seat. There wasn't a place around where I wouldn't smoke my bowl. What finally got me was when I got arrested for manufacturing meth ( not when I lost my kids )and was due to go to court. I knew my only chance to go to court and not get jail time was to possibly go to rehab and show that I am trying to make a change in my life and so that is what I did. Those 28 days was all I needed to get a clear head about myself and realize what was important in life and realize exactly how tired I really was of that lifestyle. I've been clean for a year and a half now. I am now married and have received custody of my kids again and have a brand new baby boy to add to the family.

I was a persistent user of the drug, now i am strongly against it. It completely ruined my life, if i can help in anyway please let me know, because i dont want it to ruin anyones life like it did mine.. I love the program and would love to voulnteer for anywork i can, I’m now living at the lovelady center in birmingham and i have completely turned my life around.. and i would love one of those awesome ZeroMeth shirts!! thanks for the campaign.

My mom "was" addicted to crystal sense i was 5 & i am 14 now just now getting her back. she was in and out of rehabs half way houses jail and prison once i finally decide she was gone no getting her back so i attempted to hate her but i couldnt i hated the drug and all i kept wondering was whats so great about it or does she really love that over me ? but through all that i decided i would never be like that i would be a different for my sake my grandmother did drugs and achohol shes been clean for 15 years my mom has another child who grew up his first year at the adulum house and then his second year without his dad and the third year hes finally getting his mom back he used to thow rocks at her car and say she left me recently hes said shes going to work now hes happy hes "got her back" thats what i used to think too but finally i said im preparing for the worst hoping for the best most people tell me im very mature for my age or very understanding ive learned alot in my few years but the worst feeling ive ever felt was when they told me my mom had a tumor in her head and she could die its the size of a dime now but if she ever does meth agian she will die. i dont like her taking meds because i think she’s trying to get that sensation and then when she says she needs something stronger or took more than should was i dont like to be around her and tha’ts most of my story the rest is mostly about my other family so thank you zerometh and p.s the foundry in bessemer saved my mom i am now there mascot and me my mom and stepdad go to the basement every last tuesday of the month :) i thank both of those companys :)

I heard about your website on ABC 33/40 and I checked it out this morning. I personally want to thank you for getting this information out there to people. I watched my first husband drag me thru this nightmare. I watched a man that had a thriving business loose everything just so he could get his next “fix”. After we lost everything, and he still wouldn’t confess that he was using I started to talk to a divorce attorney. The day that I was going to confront my husband about the divorce, I found him in the basement of our house. He had taken a 12 gauge slug and put it in his mouth. I want people to know just how awful meth is and what it can do to them and their families. It hurts everyone, not just the person using. Thanks again for getting this information out to the public, and many thanks to those that put their lives on the line to protect us everyday. "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way you cope with it, is what makes the difference."

Hello. I am a recovered meth addict. In 2002 I got involved with a man that was using meth, although I didn't know it. Once we were married, I started to really notice the signs. However, my father was suffering from early onset Alzheimer's. Trying to adjust to having to be on call 24 hours a day in case he needed me was hard, so my then husband suggested I just take this energy pill. I was completely unaware it was full of meth. Still, once I had it in my system that first time, it didn't matter what it was. I needed it. Shortly there after, I had to move in with my father to be his full time caregiver. At that point my addiction spiraled in selling and trafficking the stuff, mostly to support my dad, but also to support my habit. I ended up being addicted to the "power" selling dope gave me over the others around me. It was all in all a bad situation and getting worse by the minute. Finally one day in 2005, the police caught up to me and I was arrested. I served three months in jail and when I got out, I never touched Meth again. I was able to get off with only 2 years unsupervised probation because I did all my CRO drug tests and drug classes immediately upon my release and had gotten a job. However, just having a felony on my record has really stopped me from achieving almost all my goals I had set "pre-meth use." But now I have new goals. I had a little boy on November 12, 2008 and he is my world. My entire life revolves around protecting and supporting him. I have a full time job as a restaurant manager. I own my car and am buying a house. I have really managed to make the best out of the situation and am just so glad that God saved me from the life I had chosen to live. My main goal now is to make sure that my son is educated about drug use and it's effects and damages and that he never makes those same bad decisions I did. The reason I've told you my little story is that I am looking for a way to help others that are currently on the rocky path of meth use. I just feel like I can express to them that no matter how good that high may feel, the reality is that they are killing themselves and making those around them suffer. There is an answer, it is finding help through the support of a church and their families and God. I just wanted to ask someone if you had any ideas on how I could get involved and try to help others. I would really appreciate it. God has just moved my heart in the past few months to feel like I need to tell my story to others to try and help them. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

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